A Child Murderer In Blackface

Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia, has come under attack again recently. This time it’s not because of his heinous ideas about children, but instead about some photos in a yearbook back in 1984.

Now before you start to think this is a defense piece (obviously not considering the title of the article), I just want to state for the record that I think Northam is a disgusting human being that should not be allowed to hold any public office, work in the public sector, or in any way have this fingers on anything related to our government. That being said you’re wrong about blackface.

Let me explain. America, and possibly the World itself has become FAR too sensitive about offending people. Sometimes life itself is offensive. I certainly didn’t want to be struck with the terminal illness I have but I was. And I deal with it. I don’t necessarily like it but I also don’t cry about it every day or pass my frustrations onto others around me about it. Why you may ask? Because a lot of life sucks and whining about it just makes you a whiner.

Not long ago Conservatives were up at arms about Roseanne being fired for some Tweets she made that were perceived as racist. We were shocked at the thought of someone being fired over someone putting meaning into her words that she herself didn’t intend to be there. And unfortunately, this isn’t the only case of this happening.

The Left has taken up the mantle of Supreme Protector of all Minorities by getting offended for them even if they aren’t. This is their way of telling the rest of the World how superior ethically they are to you. If you don’t believe me look at the Liberal attacks on any and all Conservative platforms and media creators.

All we’re doing by attacking Northam for his blackface stunt is adding to the idea that anything can be perceived as racist as long as the “offender” is white.

The double standard in racism has been gone over an infini-billion times already so I’m not going to get into it in depth here, but everyone knows it exists. People make excuses about it saying things like “Minorities can’t be racist because they have no power.” I don’t have the energy to dissect such a ridiculous statement but you can look up a few definitions of racism on your own.

I’ve been called a cracker (I’m white, btw), whiteboy, gringo, Gomer Pile, and probably a few others that I don’t remember. And, for the record, I didn’t cry about it. Most of the time I thought it was kind of funny. I often refer to myself by white racial slurs because there’s humor in it. We’ve somehow let certain words in our vocabulary hold way too much power over us. Just as we’ve let certain actions become symbols for racism when they most certainly aren’t.

My whole point is let’s leave getting-offended-over-everything to the Liberals. They seem to have that pretty well covered to date. We Conservatives, as the better side of the political coin, need to show the world that it’s OK to poke fun at people and yourselves. If something is done in humor, it shouldn’t be attacked just because it makes a couple of people uncomfortable. That’s what humor is! We need to tear down this double standard of words that we’ve fallen for over the years, not make it worse. We need to make humor humorous again.

If you want to dislike Rotham for his terrible policies (they are) and for being a terrible human being in general (he is), that’s fine. Join the crowd. But don’t join the Liberal band-wagon of getting offended by everything they get offended over just for the sake of being offended. (Get offended by me using the word “offended” three times in the same sentence.)


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