Illegal Immigration

Migrant Caravan Is Health Concern

Not only is there a huge economic concern regarding illegal aliens entering our country, they seem to have no respect for the environment as they attempt to make entry into our country.


Numerous reports contain video footage showing streets and sidewalks littered with every type of trash and bodily fluid imaginable – a foretaste of what these “refugees” would do the streets of the U.S., were they allowed entry into the country as they and mindless celebrities like Alyssa Milano are demanding.

“Tons of trash and clothes left behind by #caravan #migrants at the #TijuanaBorder shelter this morning,” tweeted Fox News journalist Kyle Rothenberg, along with incredible video footage of these horrors along a main thoroughfare.

“#Mexico police moved most of them about 15 miles away from the border yesterday to a different camp,” Rothenberg added.

In another video clip, also shared by Rothenberg, a pair of male migrants is seen dragging a tarp full of wet clothes and garbage across a street while yelling, “Move! Move!” in Spanish, only to dump the mass of waste onto an even larger “mountain” of waste in the middle of the street.

From the,

Caravan migrants from Central America that are stuck in Tijuana, Mexico are reportedly trashing the area, leaving behind bottles of urine and mountains of trash.

The news comes as migrants are facing increasing backlash and negative attitudes from local Mexican residents, as the overwhelming majority of Mexican residents — 73% — hold negative views towards the migrants, according to a poll from the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

Just one more reason to build the wall.


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