The Lies Of The Left

Even a cursory look at the contents of sites such as Twitter will lead the less informed to believe that the President is in “deep trouble” over one thing or another. From Russia to hating immigrants, the Left has labeled the President with many false titles and attacked him with an abundance of false allegations.

With the mainstream media being the biggest culprit of perpetuating these lies the masses are being brainwashed into believing everything they say because, well, they’re the trusted media. It seems unfortunate that the Left is the most guilty of not doing their research to uncover the actual truth.

Everything from gun violence to climate change (global warming, global cooling, global something) is blamed squarely on President Trump despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. But finding the truth is easier said than done since the MSM makes up the biggest portion of search results from the most popular search engines such as Google.com. What most people don’t realize is that the major online media outlets lean very hard to the left and have the same agenda as the mainstream media; to make Trump look bad and bog his administration down and prevent him from executing his agendas (which have actually been good for the country so far).

The economy has taken a turn for the better (even though Obama keeps trying to take credit for something he said couldn’t happen), illegal immigration numbers are down, and America’s military is once again a force to be reconned with.

While it’s hard to say where the source of the bad information lies, as it just as easily could originate from the MSM itself or be planted by Leftist politicians as noted by the infamous wrap-up smear video by Nancy Pelosi.

The Left’s lies are responsible for some fairly heinous acts such as those of Black Lives Matter, whose rhetoric lead to the deaths of five cops in Dallas, TX and numerous other law enforcement deaths. Even as the NFL continues to protest blacks suffering from a disproportionate number of violent police confrontations the data clearly says otherwise. Please take a moment and view this information put out by the Washington Post. It’ll clear a lot of things up for you with regard to the so-called epidemic of “police violence”.

And instead of condemning radical groups such as Antifa, the Left seems to embrace their riots and general acts of mayhem. Portland is a prime example.

So before you believe the hype of the MSM, do yourself a favor and research for yourself. It might not be easy as the sources for bad information outweigh the sources for good information by 10 to 1, but the results are well worth it.


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