Rep. Swalwell: Give Us Your Guns Or Get Nuked

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) issued quite a warning to the citizens of America today. In response to an NBC News article Twitter user, @Rambobiggs, Tweeted

The article, dated back in May, points to an Op-Ed titled “Ban assault weapons, buy them back, go after resisters” where Swalwell suggests the government turn to a gun confiscation program to buy-back “assault” weapons from American citizens. Those refusing to do so would then be prosecuted.

Actual assault weapons are not in the hands of very many citizens as they are full-auto and require a special Federal Firearms License to purchase or own. Liberal don’t know this though as they want to classify every scary gun as an assault weapon. But apparently, this fear is driving Liberal politicians to the brink of madness.

Swalwell responded to Mr. Biggs’ Twitter post with something fairly astonishing; a threat of nukes.


If you think this is fake, it isn’t. I screen-captured it in case he realizes what an absolutely horrendous error in judgment he’s made and deletes it. But here’s a link to the Tweet.

If you think the gov’t always has your best interests in mind, you’re sorely mistaken. The Second Amendment was created to protect us from a tyrannical and overreaching government. The exact kind of government that Swalwell and his ilk will try to impose on you.

Liberals will try to tell you that you need the government to protect and provide for you and that they are the only ones capable of it. You know, because you’re a child and can’t do anything for yourself. They want to offer you free things (socialism style) and tell you if you would just let them take control everything would be better. The reality of it is that they want power. Power over your thoughts, your job, your children, your life. And they’ll use fearmongering, voter fraud, and threats to get it. They’ll take your guns and make you defenseless to keep it.

I warned you.


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