The Corrupt Media

The true face of the media has been on full display recently and they’re a danger to our Republic. CNN’s Jim Acosta physically assaulted a White House intern, then the media came rushing to his defense.


This is where we are in America. The Left wants power, and they’re using their propaganda media organizations to try and regain it. With all the achievements that President Trump has accomplished during his first two years in office, you’d think the press would be singing his praises. Far from it, they hate him now more than ever.

From the Daily Caller,

President Donald Trump received 92 percent negative coverage from the major broadcast news networks this summer, according to a study conducted by the Media Research Center.

MRC reviewed every single evening news story about the president on ABC, CBS, and NBC between June 1 to September 3, accounting for just under 2,000 minutes of airtime.

The overall coverage was 92 percent negative and news stories involving Trump were primarily focused on five topics: the Russia investigation, immigration, the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, North Korea, and U.S. relations with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The Russia investigation received 97 percent negative coverage while the U.S. relationship with Putin received a stunning 99 percent negative coverage.

Also from the Daily Caller,

Media outlets have been exclusively blaming President Donald Trump for “fanning the flames of hate” in the wake of last week’s bomb scares and synagogue shooting but have failed to grapple with their own violent rhetoric and hateful attacks on the president.

Two hundred current and former journalists signed a letter last week condemning Trump’s attacks on the media and accused him of inciting violence. CNN President Jeff Zucker said in a statement that “there is a total and complete lack of understanding at the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media.” (RELATED: CNN Claims They Never ‘Directly’ Blamed Trump For Pipe Bombs)

But at a Wednesday rally in Wisconsin, Trump said the media has a “responsibility to set a civil tone” and blamed them for some of the “anger” in the country.

The media claimed to be victimized by Trump’s criticism, but failed to consider the role they have played in heating up rhetoric.

The article goes on to list 25 of some of the more egregious attacks on the President.

It doesn’t make much difference that it is Trump who is POTUS, any Republican would most likely be met with the same types of vitriol. Constant smears, allusions to racism, and supposed Russian collusion of which there has been absolutely zero evidence. But the narrative doesn’t change. The media will not rest until Trump is no longer President.

Trump has often said that “fake news” is the enemy of the people and it is the undeniable truth. The rhetoric of the mainstream news is meant for one purpose; to discredit Trump and interfere with elections. They are making every attempt at installing Democrats into every political office by any means necessary. And all this is done without the interests of the citizens of the U.S., it is done because of their Liberal owners.

CNN alone would be enough to no longer trust any major news outlet, but nearly every news organization is equally guilty of lying to the American people. The most dangerous aspect of the media’s lies is the effect on people that rely on them for news. With the list of trustworthy news outlets dwindling, the average person is inundated with misleading or outright false information on a constant basis. Remember the CNN koi video?

Libel and slander laws need to be drastically changed or voters will be casting ballots based on falsified information. We’re allowing the Democratic portion of our Republic to be controlled by media elites with a dishonest agenda. Something must break this cycle.


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