Democrat Corruption

An excellent article from demonstrates with quite a bit of clarity what exactly happened before and during the 2016 Presidential election.

Our government was weaponized under then-President Obama to take out Hillary Clinton’s opposition Donald Trump by using a fake story of Russian “collusion” and conspiracy.

Initially not viewed with any real seriousness, Trump’s campaign was seen as an opportunistic wedge in the election process. At the same time, and particularly as the viability of his candidacy increased, Trump was seen as an existential threat to the established political system.

Trump was a threat to the existing corruption in our government and everyone knew it. Hence what was unleashed upon him was a system-wide operation meant to frame Trump and either prevent his election or to destroy him afterward.

One method used to help establish evidence of collusion was the employment of “spy traps.” Prominent among these were ones set for Trump campaign advisers George Papadopoulos and Carter Page. The intent was to provide or establish connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. The content and context mattered little as long as a connection could be established that could then be publicized. The June 2016 Trump Tower meeting was another such attempt.

Western intelligence assets were used to initiate and establish these connections, particularly in the cases of Papadopoulos and Page.

As time passes we are discovering not only that there was no Russian collusion by Trump, but that the corruption within our government extended from top to bottom.

Instead of taking responsibility and vowing to fix an obviously broken government, the Democrats have repeatedly doubled down on the accusations of collusion. Perhaps they are afraid of losing their freedom once the entirety of the corruption is uncovered.

Read the entire story here.


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