Media Hypocrisy

Every day brings more censorship of conservatives by online media giants with little sign of letting up. Laura Loomer just got banned from Twitter and Gavin McInnes just got banned from Facebook. The idea of Free Speech in this country may as well not exist as the largest platforms for utilizing your Constitutional Right silences those that do not hold the same opinions as those platforms.

Gab.ai/Gab.com has been completely de-platformed as their hosting provider revoked their contract with them so Gab is now forced to find a new hosting service. So even if a platform supports free speech, the Hyper-Liberals can still silence you by denying service to your business.

Something is seriously wrong with this country and if the Democrats win the midterms in the House and Senate it will never be corrected. Conservatism will cease to have a voice at all and Socialism will destroy America. And if they win you can thank social media and the MSM for actual election meddling. They’ve decided which political views are worth being heard and which aren’t. That’s not for them to decide.

And while the Right gets silenced it seems the Left is free to say just about anything they want, no matter how racist, violent, or threatening. It’s time for us to do something, and that begins at the ballot box on November 6. Even if you don’t particularly like your Republican candidate he or she is better than anything the Democrats have to offer. If Democrats gain power you can expect this kind of censorship to be embraced and built upon until Moderates and Conservatives have no place to voice opinions or concerns.


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