UPDATED: 3:42AM (10/25/2018) The Left’s Latest Attempt At Smearing Republicans – “Bombs”

Several prominent Democrat politicians have received what has been referred to as suspicious packages today. While the media and the Left have already labeled the devices #MAGABombs, we actually know little to nothing of what they actually are, and their intended purpose. Or do we?


Picture of the CNN “Bomb”

First, whoever was foolish enough to open the package and take a picture of it is a complete idiot if indeed these are as suspicious as CNN would like us to believe. Second, why is there no postage mark on the stamps? Third, six stamps are not enough to deliver a steal pipe and lead or steel caps that large through the Post Office.

Apparently, this package didn’t even go through the Post Office. If it were hand delivered then somewhere there is footage of whoever delivered the device. And once that footage I believe we’ll be in for quite the surprise. More on that later.

There’s already a rumor that the “bombs” are fake. Making the motive behind them even more suspicious. At the present time, there is no other information to confirm this.

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Whether or not the devices really pose a threat could be considered inconsequential, but it is not. The true motive behind the act is political, to say the least. But the intent isn’t to strike fear into the hearts of the Democrats, it’s to create a narrative that the President is creating home-grown terrorists through his rhetoric. This is already becoming evident by just looking at recent headlines.

While overlooking the near infinite examples of Liberals harassing Trump’s staff, Conservative politicians, Conservative speakers, and even Democratic politicians calling for violent behavior against Republicans, the MSM chides Trump and his supporters for calling for justice. So in one fell swoop, the Left has shifted from being the aggressor to the victim.

So, back to the perpetrator of this fake “attack”. Call it my man’s intuition, but there are fairly clear signs that this has been carried out by the Liberal “Resistance”.

  • The “bombs” seem to be fake
  • The “threats” come just as the approaching “asylum seekers” from the south begins to look more like an invading army rather than individuals looking for asylum.
  • The Democrats are losing hope for their “blue wave” on November, 6.

I assure you, in the coming days we’ll find out this is all a sham. A false-flag, carried out by some Leftist, with the hopes of painting Conservatives as terrorists. Just like Christine Ford, it’s a hail mary to try and win support for the Democrats. They have no platform, so they go on the offensive.

UPDATE 3:42 AM (10/25/2018):

A retired FBI profiler put in his two cents on the recent “bomb” threats stating that one possibility is that it is indeed a false flag operation, conducted to make the Republicans look bad. More at


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