Do LGBT Need Protection?

While ‘non-binaries’ make up an estimated 0.1% of our population, the group garners a lot of attention as the media chooses to cover it since it is deemed as a controversial topic. The LGBT community is once again in an uproar. This time over potential policy proposal by the White House defining what sex actually is.

LGBT attempts to destroy science as we know it by adding more and more deviations to the every expanding array of potential sexualities. At one time everyone knew that there were only two, as defined by genetics with a very few exceptions where gene abnormality blurs the edges. We’re now expected to believe that there is a near indefinite spectrum of sexes defined at whim by how a person is feeling at any given moment.

Aside from the obvious problems in medicine, having an infinite number of ‘sexes’ creates an issue out of everything that relies on the assumption of there being only two.

Being as same-sex marriage was deemed legal in all 50 states by the Supreme Court, they are afforded the same rights as ‘conventional’ partners. So what rights are they missing out on? Are we going to have 63+ different bathrooms at Wal-Mart for every conceivable sexual orientation? And why would such a costly accommodation be made for such a small percentage of the population?

I will agree that no matter what sexual orientation you choose, you should have the right to work where you want and live where you want, but the world isn’t required to cater directly to you.

After all, people over 6’6″ represent about 1.5% of the population, more than 10 times the number of ‘non-binary’ citizens, and are given no special consideration at all. Just try renting an apartment or finding a restroom at Wal-Mart with sufficiently tall counters. Or finding pants that don’t cost $75. Why are we not addressing this obvious discrimination as fervently as the LGBT community wants their needs addressed?

Being 6’6″ myself I’ve just accepted the fact that I’m not ‘normal’ and will have to live in a world that was not designed with me specifically in mind. Other people should do the same. After all, if Wal-Mart refuses to sell pants in my size I don’t protest at the White House, demanding equal rights for taller heights. I just shop somewhere else.


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