Illegal Aliens

Presidential Tweeting Power

Ask a Liberal about the President’s Twitter habits and you undoubtedly hear a scathing rebuke about unpresidential behavior, lack of tact, rudeness, or something similar. But there’s little doubt that Trump’s Twitter account is a weapon to be reconned with.

First, setting his sights on North Korea, Trump secured what could be the largest step toward world peace in the past half a century. Yesterday Trump fired a Twitter shot over the bow of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, threatening to cut off aid to the countries if they continued to do nothing about a group of 3000+ people headed to the US border in an attempt to gain illegal entry.

The countries seemed to take notice as attempts are already underway to halt the progress of the caravan and lawyers accompanying the group have been detained. There might not be a physical wall between the US and Mexico yet, but a monetary one might work while we wait.


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