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I started blogging as a hobby with no real ambition other than to have an outlet for my political frustrations. I took to Twitter first but the limited format just wasn’t quite enough to completely vent.

I found blogging offered a medium that allowed me to keep a journal of sorts, a place to keep my ideas and political opinions in one place, in a more pleasing format. After blogging for a month or so I realized that I enjoyed it quite a bit. I even paid to have my own domain and upgraded account.

I spend about 12 hours a day working on the site, doing research, and digging up tidbits of information that I think might be interesting to conservatives, or even liberals that are looking for a non-liberal news source. While I’m not a journalist I try to be as truthful as possible, even though I often add my own opinions to my articles.

If you haven’t read my bio I’m disabled with polycystic kidney disease and spend most of my time during the day on peritoneal dialysis, so blogging is a good way to pass time and gives me something to focus on when I’m not feeling well.

I’m not looking for sympathy but living on a disability check makes everything expensive, and the added cost of running this website is something I decided was worth the investment as I can do a small part in helping to inform voters of current political issues. And I like to think I provide a somewhat useful source for non-mainstream news.

In order to keep The Watershed going, I’m going to have to at least recoup the cost of the site itself. And I would like to expand to doing a podcast, but I do not own any recording equipment whatsoever. On the front page of The Watershed, there is a link to a few affiliate links that I’ve recently acquired. Using those links to purchase merchandise will help with the costs of running and upgrading the content that I can offer.

The merchandise links are to Alpha Defense Gear, Flags Connection, and Shareasale.

If purchasing merchandise isn’t something you’d like to do, there are also direct donation links either via Paypal or Patreon. You can make a one-time donation via either link or make a scheduled monthly donation via Patreon.

So please take a moment and consider contributing. Any amount is greatly appreciated and not only motivates me to continue but will also help expand the amount and type of media I can provide.

Thank you, Patriots!


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