Government Corruption

Heidi Heitkamp Possibly Broke Law Revealing Victims’ Names

North Dakota Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp possibly broke N.D. law by exposing the names of sexual abuse and domestic violence victims in an ad attacking Republican challenger Kevin Cramer.

Heitkamp issued an apology via a statement on her website for the ad stating

“Sexual assault is a serious crime – and one that too many North Dakota women have experienced. In an attempt to bring awareness to this issue and push back against dismissive comments toward sexual assault survivors by Kevin Cramer, our campaign worked with victim advocates to identify women who would be willing to sign the letter or share their story. We recently discovered that several of the women’s names who were provided to us did not authorize their names to be shared or were not survivors of abuse. I deeply regret this mistake and we are in the process of issuing a retraction, personally apologizing to each of the people impacted by this and taking the necessary steps to ensure this never happens again.”

Apologies might not be enough as according to North Dakota Century Code § 14-07.1-18(2)(a),


This is another example of Democrats using classes of people for political advantage, even without their consent. Without a solid platform, they’re resorting to violence, illegal votes, and smears to attempt a government takeover. Now they’ve resorted to taking advantage of victims of abuse.

While this site does not employ lawyers, the “infraction” seems evident. The question is will she be held accountable. She is a Democrat after all.


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