The Antifascist Fascists

The ability to voice an opinion openly is a right that is only guaranteed in the United States of America, protected by our 1st Amendment to the Constitution. That right is frequently taken for granted. Only when that Right is threatened, do you begin to understand the importance of its protection. Without the ability to speak freely and openly, the rest of our rights are also threatened.


After the loss of the 2016 Presidential election, Liberals suffered what can only be called a meltdown. Hillary herself couldn’t quite understand why she lost an election that was assumed to be in the Democratic pocket, even writing a book attempting to place blame on everyone but herself. Immediately after Hillary’s loss, the poor sportsmanship began with Hillary; refusing to even address the gathering of fans at her election party. This single act seemed to set the stage for what was to come.

While Hillary began a world tour of excuses, her fans at home became more and more restless. With the DNC/Hillary Russian smear campaign in full swing, those that opposed the newly elected President Trump slowly, and at first quietly, seethed with anger. This anger would soon turn into violence.

500px-Antifalogo_alt2.svgAntifa (ironically short for Anti-Fascist) began making public showings across the Nation. While its existence dates back nearly 100 years, modern versions of the group hold loose, if even existent, ties to the original organization. Composed largely of Anarchists, Socialists, and Communists, the group purports to fight Fascism and white-supremacism. The reality is quite different.

Although mostly peaceful, Antifa, along with other anti-Trumpers, have on many occasions relied on violence to spread their message. A favorite tactic of Antifa is to riot against conservative speakers:

While burning cars, destroying businesses, and assaulting old ladies, Antifa shouts34235h4hrfehjehj angrily about its rejection of hate. While fighting “fascism”, Antifa attempts to silence anyone they do not agree with. What they believe is that everyone that is not a member of their terrorist organization is a Nazi, and Nazis are bad.

It’s uncertain if anyone claiming Antifa membership knows what the definition of fascism is since they practice more of its principles than those that they rally against.


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