Illegal Aliens

Dissecting #Fakenews

At one time “See Something Say Something” was a call for citizens to get involved with the safety of our nation. The basic idea is that if something looks suspicious, it’s better to report it and it is nothing than to ignore it and regret it. This idea dates back to the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, that left nearly 3000 American citizens dead.

The idea seems like a good one; keep an eye out for suspicious activity because you never know when you could be that one witness that prevents another 9/11, Las Vegas, or Parkland.

In addition to outright terror attacks, there are more threats that endanger Americans’ safety, health, financial stability, and even the political system on which our Nation is based. One of those is illegal immigration.

Illegal aliens are estimated to cost the American taxpayer $134.9 billion each year. In addition to being a financial burden, there is a criminal element that comes with people illegally entering the United States. Aside from the fact that everyone that enters the U.S. is, by nature, a criminal, number of crimes committed by illegal aliens after they enter the States is frightening.


For example, in California there were approximately 2.45 million non-citizen residents, making up 6.4% of its 2012 population. During that same period, illegal aliens made up 13.5% of its prison population. More recent figures from California are not available as they no longer document the citizenship status of its inmate populations.

With the problems that illegal immigration brings to the U.S., it would seem common sense to want to prevent illegal immigration and remove those that have already come here illegally. Apparently, not everyone agrees.

A recent article on titled “Flyers ‘meant to intimidate immigrants’ posted in Queens” conflates “immigrant” with “illegal immigrant”, as it’s clear to which group the flyer is referring to.

CNN stated,

Make the Road NY, a pro-immigrant advocacy group, also blames the anti-immigrant rhetoric and hardline policies of the Trump administration for the flyer’s sudden appearance in Queens.

It’s clear that some New York City councilmen aren’t aware of the difference between legal and illegal either. Jimmy Van Bramer, a member of the council is quoted as saying,

“It sent chills through my body because it was ominous, it was dark and it was meant to intimidate immigrants,” Van Bramer said in an interview with CNN.

This is a tactic of the Left that has been used time and time again. Just look at any of the thousands of articles about President Trump being anti-immigrant. Here are just a few:

This is a strategy you will see used commonly. While I would venture to guess that there are very few Americans against legal immigration, everyone should be against illegal immigration. Not only does it cost us financially, but it can and does cost us in American lives.


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