Detroit Cracks Down On Violence With “No Spanking Zones”

In 2014 the Huffington Post said that violent crime in Detroit was “a public health issue“. More recently Detroit has fallen to the number 2 spot on the “Most Violent Cities in America” chart last year. It still remains a very dangerous place to live with a violent crime rate of 1,760 per 100,000 people.

Madison Heights, a suburb of Detroit, has come up with its own solution to violence; No Spanking Zones. No, I’m not kidding.


The zones forbid a parent to hit a child.

Perhaps Madison Heights hopes that Detroit will follow their lead and create “No Shooting Zones”. Of course, the effectiveness of such a measure may not have the intended outcome as, again quoting WXYZ,

…it is not illegal to spank a child there is no punishment to a parent who does so in these areas.

I’m sure the inhabitants of Madison Heights are happy that their tax dollars are going to good use.


Categories: Crime, Politics

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