Bill HR 6054 Would Stop Antifa And Other Extreme Left Masked Terrorist

A new bill introduced by Republican Rep. Dan Donovan of New York last month could finally unmask extreme left activist groups. The bill is titled “Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018”, or bill HR 6054; but it never mentions Antifa by name in its details. While the title of the bill might cause some controversy with the left and the Mainstream Media, it will surely cause serious resistance from Antifa and other left-leaning extremist groups.

Antifa activists could be jailed for up to 15 years for wearing masks under a bill introduced by a US congressman.

If passed, Bill HR 6054 would punish anyone wearing a mask or disguise who “injures, oppresses, threatens, or intimidates” someone else exercising a right guaranteed under the Constitution.
The title of the bill — “Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018” — makes it clear that Antifa activists are its intended target, but the bill’s text never explicitly mentions them.

In fact, they are already showing their displeasure. While the group has no specified leader, they do have people that seem to be the spokesmen for the groups. Scott Crow, a former Antifa member had this to say:

“This is another draconian measure to actually criminalize dissent in the United States,”

“If they take away the right to mask up,” he said, “people will still do it anyway to fight against authoritarianism in any form.”

Many states already have anti-mask laws that have been in effect for some years.  Like those in Illinois that are in place to restrict the use of masks in the commission of a crime. And the one in Connecticut exactly references what Donovan’s bill proposes, the prohibition of a mask for the purpose of depriving another of their civil rights.  Others statutes are in response to the costumes worn by the Ku Klux Klan, which points to the bill in question; but the bill now speaks towards the extreme left, rather than the extreme right.

“My bill expands upon long-standing civil rights statutes to make it a crime to deprive someone of Constitutionally-guaranteed protections while masked or disguised,” Donovan said in a statement sent to CNN.
“Americans have the natural right to speak and protest freely; it is not a right to throw Molotov cocktails and beat people while hiding behind a mask.”
Donovan’s spokesman Patrick Ryan also pointed out that the bill would simply add a section to federal civil rights statutes to include a penalty for wearing a mask.

This bill will only bring balance to the statutes in already in place. The extreme right groups have already had their turn, now the extreme left needs the same restriction. There is no room for these extremists tactics in our nation. The right to peaceful protest is a fundamental right that should not change, but to put on a mask and commit violence is not peaceful protest, it is terrorism.

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