What is ‘Q’?

No one really knows, however, he/she/it has sparked an internet movement of proportions I have never witnessed before.

Q is theorized as representing ‘Q’ level government clearance and is an unknown person or persons that submit clues or “crumbs” to the 8chan message boards. These crumbs are sometimes just pieces of information meant to direct research that is carried out by “anons”. Other crumbs are offered as proof of Q’s inside connection to the Trump administration. Q has been around since 2017 in one form or another, and there are thousands of Q “drops” to date. A good place to read them is Qmap.pub.

Q and Q followers preach non-violence, often reference biblical scripture, and believe in loving fellow man. It needs to be noted that Q represents the good in people and everyone’s responsibility in making the world a better place.

Anons on the 8chan boards are just everyday people with extraordinary abilities. There are lawyers, scientists, law enforcement, doctors, mechanics, ex and current military, and just about every other profession you can imagine all working together to achieve one common goal; root out evil and save the world from corruption. These guys and gals are among the most patriotic people I have ever had the experience of being involved with. And there are thousands of them.

The anons gather intel through “digging” which is “baked” or consolidated into concise posts of the most notable information. This resulting information has lead to some very interesting revelations about corrupt politicians, religious figures, and other criminal activity around the globe. All this done while taking no personal credit, as each user is represented by an “Anonymous” nomenclature.

The 8chan boards might not be for the faint of heart. The humor on the boards is very non-PC, and mild to not-so-mild pornography adorns most of the threads for the purpose of “boosting the spirits” of those doing the work. Some of the messages on the board are pretty crude and name-calling is just a way of bestowing terms of endearment.

There are plenty of things that you can do to help without having to learn to navigate the 8chan message boards. In fact, it’s probably best you don’t start your journey with the boards if you are looking to become an “anon” in Q’s “army”. Keep yourself up to date on the latest news, using news sources outside the mainstream media. Do some digging yourself by using publicly available databases, government websites, and research websites to get good solid information and post it on Twitter, Facebook, or your social media site of choice. Take a look here.

VOAT.com has a board that functions much like Reddit and is the new meeting place for ex-Redditers, as the GreatAwakening board on Reddit was shut down recently by moderators. While I cannot guarantee your emotional safety on VOAT either, you may find it easier to navigate and safer for newcomers.

If you would like further information or tips on doing your own “digging” please contact me via email or DM on Twitter.


Categories: Politics, QAnon

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