California Judge Wants $28 Million Federal Dollars

Once again a California Judge has ruled against Federal Law requiring local law enforcement cooperation with Federal authorities.

The Trump administration has withheld millions of dollars in aid to California due to the state’s unwillingness to cooperate with Federal law enforcement agencies on the reporting of illegal aliens who have sought refuge in the sanctuary state.

Reported by FoxNews.com:

A law that said states and cities couldn’t keep officials from reporting people’s immigration status to U.S. authorities was struck down by a judge in California on Friday. The ruling was at least the third decision by a U.S. district court judge declaring the immigration law unconstitutional in recent months.

Subsequently, Judge William Orrick ruled, the Department of Justice needs to give California $28 million that was held back due to the state’s immigration policies.

The law was cited by the Trump administration earlier this year in litigation in an attempt to block multiple state laws, one of which prevented police from providing release dates and personal information of jail inmates. That information, officials claimed, was required in order to remove dangerous illegal immigrants.

California has a well-established stance on protecting illegal aliens from federal the prosecution even going as far as alerting people to impending ICE investigations aimed at tackling the growing problem within a number of communities around the state.


With the Democrats increasing support for open borders and rights for illegal aliens within the United States borders, we can expect to see more of this types of behavior from hyper-liberal politicians and public officials. Without protection from illegal invaders taking advantage of our public utilities and programs, our Nation will cease to exist as a nation at all. It will become a borderless, welfare state, with inadequate resources to deal with the influx of those that have no intentions of contributing to the American economic system.

But the Democrats seem to not care, as long as it gets them votes and secures their power in the US political system.


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