Jackson Cosko Arrested For Doxxing GOP Senators

Jackson Cosko of DC was arrested by Capitol Police for doxxing (publishing private information online) at least three US Senators. You can read the full story below but let’s consider something. Did Cosko act on his own, with no direction from his political handlers?

Cosko performed work for Dem. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Dem. Senator Maggie Hassan and retired Dem. Senator Barbara Boxer. The odds of none of them having anything to do with his behaviors are small I’d say. And after the display of Democrat behavior this past week I’d say it is likely.

Besides putting another scumbag behind bars and making an example out of this, one more positive thing can come of it; a full-blown investigation that reveals who directed him to perform the illegal activities, and consequences for those directives. Examples need to be made of all those responsible, regardless of their political clout.

Read the full article here.



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