Anti-Republican Attack Machine

If you don’t want this country taken over by Socialists Communists you should be doing what Citizen Strong is doing right now. Citizen Strong is a hyper-liberal opposition research (dirt-digging) organization with questionable financial ties. It consists of highly devoted people with a singular mission; to defeat Republicans in any way possible.

Oppo works best when its target is unaware, so Burton’s project, dubbed Citizen Strong, has operated by stealth, waiting until just now to publicly declare its existence as a 501(c)4 “dark money” group with three affiliated political action committees. Even this step doesn’t reveal much. Dark money donors can give unlimited sums anonymously, and Burton won’t identify his benefactors or even the three operatives he’s hired to help run the group.

Make no mistake, as misguided as the Left might be, they truly believe that they are attempting to save society from conservatism. Every fiber of their being burns with conviction. The midterms are seen as an actual struggle between life and death. The reasons behind their beliefs are beyond the scope of your mission. That demon has many heads, each one the name of a major news network or social media platform.

…a fluent Russian speaker—Tanya, the New York consultant. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s all hands on deck,” she says. “If someone has a special ability, they should be using it to help take back the House.” (She and other volunteers I spoke to for this story asked that their full names not be used to protect their identities and prevent problems at work.)

Right now every conservative reading this should be nervous. That nervousness needs to ignite into action. That action needs to move us towards a single purpose. That purpose is to win.

Your free time spent playing solitaire or the latest mind-numbing app from Google or Apple could be spent helping us win over voters or expose Liberal corruption. With the weight of the mainstream media and online media platforms firmly behind Liberalism Communism, it has fallen upon us to perform the duties that seasoned journalists should be doing.

But the main requirements for being a successful oppo researcher—time, patience, and dogged determination…

“If someone has a special ability, they should be using it to help take back the House.”

The easiest thing you can do is keep your eyes open. Pick your favorite MAGA news site and send them tips or scoops on news that the MSM tries to suppress or bury. Spread valid information on your Twitter or Facebook page. Stay informed.

Help us keep the House and Senate. The health of the Country depends on it. Trump’s presidency could depend on it. Act as if your life depends on it.

Read the rest of the Bloomberg article here.


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