OPINION: Ford Must See Prison Time

DISCLAIMER: This is an opinion piece by me. As is most of the things I write on here. I try to provide data for informational persons but I am not a lawyer, judge, or jury. I cannot prove anyone’s guilt or innocence.


Christine Blasey Ford, the now famous accuser of sexual misconduct by Judge Kavanaugh, has gotten a lot of attention lately. She’s become the poster-person for the #Metoo movement. The only problem? She’s probably telling lies.

Ford has not only made Judge Kavanaugh’s life miserable, but also the lives of his wife and children. She’s further divided the country into the “always believe her, no matter what” crowd and the “due process crowd”. Ten years ago I wouldn’t think these would be two absolutely distinct sets of people. But one thing is for certain, the Democrats have no problem promoting division.

Is sexual assault of any kind acceptable? Of course not. But what is equally unacceptable is using an allegation of sexual assault for nefarious purposes. While “they” say that only 8% of rape accusations are false the actual number of false accusations of rape, and or sexual assault, could be substantially higher. Anecdotally I have been threatened with the accusation of criminal conduct before by an angry girlfriend. I know several people that have.

Obviously, anyone that is the victim of a crime of any sort should come forward and justice should be served. But what also needs to happen is prosecution for making a false accusation. This has to happen. These false accusations and threats of accusations have become a go-to for people to get something they want. I had them used to keep me from just breaking up with someone.

Look, I know people can get emotional over just about any topic. But there are better ways to deal with disappointment, sadness, anger, jealousy, or any other negative emotion. Ruining someone’s life should not even be on the table. Currently, it is.

The punishment for sexual assault of any kind should carry stiffer punishment. It is something that will stick with you for the rest of your life. It will change nearly everything about you and take away a part of your innocence that you can never regain.

There also needs to be easy ways for the abused to make allegations and feel safe doing it. There are organizations out there, but they need more attention. And people need to not be afraid to speak up when something terrible has happened to them. There has to be a report to someone for anything to be done, for justice to be done.

People use a tired claim that “police don’t take rape accusations seriously”. I suppose the reason for it is the other tired statement that “he’ll just get off”. You cannot use conviction rate to justify claims like that; which is what is happening. There has to be credibility in the part of the accusation for anything to be done and for it to be taken seriously. It’s the same with all crime. And is especially the case when the crime doesn’t usually leave bullet holes, items missing, or corpses.

I’m sorry, but there is with sexual assault, like all crime, a burden of proof. And an accusation will be evaluated for credibility. There was a study done by Cassia Spohn, Ph.D. and Katharine Tellis, M.S.W., Ph.D. on “policing and prosecuting sexual assault” back in 2012 that covers a lot of these issues and sheds light on the evaluation process, prosecution results, and a number of other areas. It’s long but worth reading.

BUT… there just aren’t enough cases of false accusers suffering repercussions. People are able to utterly ruin another person’s life and not pay for it at all. We have got to make a change. And that change needs to happen immediately.

This is why I’d like to see Christine Blasey Ford serve a little prison time (if she’s lying), have to pay a massive fine to Kavanaugh, the taxpayer, and to all the real victims out there that have had their reputations pre-tarnished by her. There needs to be an example made for every would-be false accuser to see.

Now, before you completely blow a gasket over anything I’ve said, I am a survivor of sexual assault. It happened when I was very young. It was not a relative. It happened numerous times over a period of about two years.

It’s time to start taking accusations seriously, by thoroughly investigating them, and then prosecuting the guilty party no matter which party that may be (and those that perpetuate).



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