Ricin Sent to Pentagon

In the latest round of attacks on government officials and employees a package containing what is expected to be ricin was sent to the Pentagon on Monday. The suspected targets of the attack were Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson.

As the Left ramps up its rhetoric of hate against conservatives can we expect more of these types of attacks to occur? That is indeed a possibility. With the displays of violence across the nation of hyper-liberal groups, anyone to the Right of Left should be concerned.

The MilitaryTimes reported:

At least two packages mailed to the Pentagon this week are believed to contain the poison ricin, and the FBI is now investigating them, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

The packages were addressed to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson, a defense official said on the condition of not being named. The packages triggered alarms Monday as they were undergoing security screening at a mail processing center that is on the Pentagon campus, but not inside the building.

“It’s suspected to be ricin,” said Pentagon spokesman Chris Sherwood.


…“All USPS mail received at the Pentagon mail screening facility yesterday is currently under quarantine and poses no threat to Pentagon personnel,” Manning said.

Ricin is a naturally occurring poison that can be made from castor beans and can be turned into a powder.



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