Deep State

Rich Pay for the Blood of Children Injections

More will come out on this subject in the near future but here is a taste of where we’re headed.


A new startup is hoping to cash in on a disturbing trend that has been growing in popularity among the ultra-rich. It is a treatment in which blood from young people is injected into the veins of older people—seriously.

While it has been reported that this practice has been popular underground in Silicon Valley for years now, this is the first company to officially offer the service to the public. Stanford Medical graduate Jesse Karmazin is the founder of Ambrosia Medical, which plans to open its first clinic in New York City in the next few months.

If you think there is no way this would be allowed to take place in America, think again.

Reported by

To startup founder and Stanford Medical graduate Jesse Karmazin, blood is the next big government-approved drug.

Karmazin recently launched Ambrosia Medical— a startup that fills the veins of older people with fresh blood from young donors — in the hopes that the procedure will help conquer aging by rejuvenating the body’s organs. The company plans to open its first clinic in New York City by the end of this year, Karmazin told Business Insider.

With the constant reports of blood and plasma shortages around disaster periods, how would something like this be approved? Money. Elites around the world would gladly spend the $8000 for a treatment if it meant longevity and health. This will be another luxury that the elite have that us bottom feeders do not.


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