Ford Co-Authored Paper Pushing Hypnosis, Using To Enhance Memory – Western Journal

The holes in Christine Blasey Ford’s memory may have been explained. The Western Journal reports:

In the paper titled, “Meditation With Yoga, Group Therapy With Hypnosis, And Psycho-education For Long Term Depressed Mood,” Ford and her co-authors wrote: “Hypnosis has also been widely and successfully used to treat a variety of conditions, including stress, anxiety and psychological aspects of pain. Hypnosis is a form of highly focused attention with a relative constriction of peripheral awareness and has been used successfully as an adjunct to therapy for depression. In 1964, Abrams suggested that hypnosis could be used to improve rapport in the therapeutic relationship, assist in the retrieval of important memories, and create artificial situations that would permit the client to express ego-dystonic emotions in a safe manner.”

Here’s a screen shot of that paragraph touting the benefits of hypnosis and the “retrieval of important memories”:


And here’s a screen shot of a passage about self-hypnosis:


The left isn’t gong to like this, but in 1997 The New York Times published the findings of a study that found hypnosis could cause false memories:

“HYPNOSIS, even self-hypnosis, can sometimes result in the creation of false memories — the belief that something happened even though it never did. A psychologist at Ohio State University in Lima and fellow researchers found that even when people were warned about the possibility of acquiring pseudo-memories under hypnosis, more than a quarter of them did anyway.”

Read the full article here.


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