Who Is Teaching Your Children?

If you’ve ever wondered why some people in recent generations seem to have a dislike hatred for conservatism in the United States, one only has to look at the current state of our educational systems. There is no doubt that colleges and even K-12 schools have been Liberal and are more so as time goes on. If you trying to send your child to a conservative college, your choices are few, to say the least.

While it’s not uncommon to hear college professors spew hatred of Donald Trump and conservatives in general, occasionally someone stands out as even more radical. Such is the case with Georgetown Security Studies program associate professor Christine Fair.

Last week Ms. Fair took to Twitter to spew vitriol against Judge Kavanaugh and the Republican Party.


It’s hard to imagine that there are conservatives constantly being shadow-banned, suspended, and otherwise silenced on social media today, not to mention losing their jobs over their opinions, yet statements like these can go unchallenged. posted the results of a report against the professor’s account. The results of the report were predictable.

Fair’s hatred wasn’t only directed at Republicans, an ex-friend, Asra Nomani, also got a taste of her poor manners and bad temper. Via the DailyMail:

According to Nomani, on November 22, 12 days after her article was published, Fair began a sustained period of abuse on Twitter and Facebook.

In a letter of complaint to the university, Nomani said that Fair told her ‘F**K YOU, GO TO HELL’, and called her a ‘wench’, a ‘fraud’ and a ‘fame-mongering clown show’.

Nomani added that Fair had called her ‘chutiya,’ or ‘the equivalent of a “f**ker” in my native Urdu’, and ‘bevkuf’, another Urdu word meaning ‘idiot’.


Not only are these people allowed to retain their jobs, but they are also responsible for preparing our youth to engage with the world. It seems that there is no limit to what you can say as long as you’re a Liberal, but if you’re a conservative keep your jokes to yourself because they can not only get your account suspended, they can cost you your job.


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