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Fox News Enters the Realm of Liberal (Fake) News

Throughout Donald Trump’s last two years as Commander in Chief, Fox has come under fire from the Left as being a lapdog of the President. Liberals have labeled Fox as a propaganda outlet, with shows like Hannity and Tucker Carlson being nothing more than Trump fanboys.

With Fox’s deal with Disney will no doubt come changes to the way it perceives and reports the news. Some of these changes could be for the worse as the news giant begins a new lockstep approach to its opinions of the President and the Republican Party.

Some change has already begun. With the recent Senate testimony of Christine Ford about the alleged sexual misconduct of Judge Kavanaugh, Fox News seems to have had a change of heart.

Via Breitbart:

On Thursday, Judge Andrew Napolitano handed the mob all the rope they could possibly ask for, courtesy of Fox News, saying, “All of us agree that this witness is exceptionally credible.”

No one argued with him.

…There is no smaller or more vulnerable minority than The Individual, and in a decent country populated with decent people, nothing should be more important than that; than the right of that one man or that one woman to enjoy, among other things, the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise—most especially in the court of public opinion.

And with all that in mind…

Watch this crap:

The Breitbart article continues:

Later that same afternoon on …Fox News:

Judge Andrew Napolitano said, “I think Dr. Ford is exceptionally credible.”

Way to judge, Judge.

Karl Rove described Ford as “credible,” without any pushback.

The Breitbart article is well worth a read as it some up a lot of information about Ford and her testimony, but what is really important here is that Fox seems to be aligning itself with the rest of Mainstream News. It’s just doing so at a safe pace so as to not immediately push away the entirety of its viewer base.

One positive aspect of Fox and other mainstream news outlets leaning Left is that the pathway is opened for many alternative news outlets to gain a foothold. The days of the media giant may be slowly coming to an end as more and more people look elsewhere for their news.



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