Mainstream Media

Don’t Be Fooled: MSM Attempts 180

After years of the mainstream media veering further and further to the Left, they have suffered viewer loss and criticism by those with less radical views of our President and the Republican Party. New attempts to save face and viewership might be seen by some to be a white flag of peace but their antics have done nothing but drive a wedge between two halves of our Nation.

The news media, as well as online media platforms, have taken a stance that seems to be anti-Right and pro-Left. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise as most new media outlets and major online media platforms are directed by Liberal owners. Perhaps they are coming to understand that half of their viewers and users are not Liberal when it comes to politics. Recently major news outlets that have done nothing but attack the President and Republicans have begun publishing articles that are quite a bit more friendly to the two.

Don’t be fooled, if things go well for the Democrats in the midterms, the press will assume its default stance against the Right; one of attack and criticism. And no matter which way the wind blows on November 6, never forget the division caused by the media. Or should I say the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party?



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