Watch: Nancy Pelosi Stammering Indicative Of Medical Condition?

There will be no name withdraw Nancy. I do think you should see a doctor about those brain freezes, though.

“The assault by the cowardice of the Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee to act in a manner in which they did, the process does not serve justice, does not serve seeing truth, does not serve the integrity of the Court, and does not serve the respect for women in our country,” Pelosi said.

“Three attacks. So let’s hope as we go forward that … Justice — Judge — not to be Justice, Judge Kavanaugh will not — that he will withdraw his name,” Pelosi added.

Good work there, Nancy.

via Watch: Slurring Nancy Pelosi Calls Kavanaugh ‘Justice’ During Long Brain Freeze


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    • I was much nicer than the other journalists that were absolutely ruthless. I legitimately wonder if it is indicative of a neurological issue. Of course, you assumed something else because you don’t like the content of this blog. I expect nothing less from some left leaning.


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