Twitter Continues Spiral Into Fascism, Suspends Thomas Wictor

Just adding to the list of conservative voices suspended by the chat giant Twitter, Thomas Wictor (@thomaswictor) was suspended from Twitter on Friday.  Twitter has come under fire in recent months for suspending accounts of conservative members of the online community. This practice has become common among online media platforms also as Youtube, owner Google (Alphabet), and Facebook have been accused of the same practice. These media giants are responsible for the majority of the traffic on the internet and are meeting places for conservatives and liberals alike. While privately owned, these platforms have become a utility-like aspect of many peoples’ lives. Restricting access even cuts into some people’s ability to make a living.

At what point do we say “Enough is enough!” and demand that these companies that use the internet to make billions of dollars a year, by collecting and exchanging our personal data, hold to their promise of being unbiased and fair? By deciding on their own who is heard and who isn’t, they control information and sway the opinions of billions of people. If this isn’t a form of suppression then I don’t know what is.


Categories: Politics

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