Sen. Flake Speaks With Rod Rosenstein Re: Kavanaugh, FBI Investigation

Rod Rosenstein could be at it again. Seeing how he handled the thus-far worthless investigation into President Trump’s Russian-collusion, what will it mean for an investigation into another Republican figure? Are we looking at another two years of wasted tax-payer dollars?

“At one point there were 14 senators jammed into a corner,” said Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.

Talking to his colleagues, Flake voiced discomfort with the accusation against Kavanaugh and said he was leaning toward asking for an FBI investigation, according to two people in the room who were not authorized to discuss the private conversation and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Other Republicans entered, including Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, to make their case to Flake. Coons said afterward that Flake’s fellow Republicans tried “vigorously” to get him to drop his concerns. According to one person in the room, Flake tried to reach FBI Director Christopher Wray on the telephone, but ended up talking to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

via How Sen. Flake brought the Senate back from the brink | WFTV


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