Hyper Liberal Democratic Coalition “Investigating” Sen. Graham – Wastes 90% of Donations

Senator Grahan is taking heat in a new tweet from Scott Dworkin today. Mr. Dworkin claims that the Democratic Coalition is “investigating” Senator Graham for campaign finance violations and links to “Russian-tied interests”. Seems this Russia problem is everywhere! While the investigation into Trump’s Russia ties has failed to produce any tangible evidence, Democrats and those aligning with them seem to think the Russians lurk in everyone’s closet.


The Political Insider reports,

Republicans are outraising Democrats – and managing those funds better. One new network of progressive organizations that’s formed in the “Trump era” is called the Democratic Coalition, and they managed to bring in $500,000 last year.

Unfortunately for their donors, the coalition is making headlines for where those funds have gone.

The Daily Beast reported,

The Coalition’s donors include Omar Siddiqui (a Congressional candidate), a pair of Hollywood television producers, a former Real Housewife of Miami, and a member of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors. The vast majority of its funds, however, have come from people whose names don’t make it into Federal Election Commission disclosures: the small, “unitemized” donors who give $200 or less.

Siddiqui, the Democratic challenger to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), was surprised to discover his money—or three of every four dollars of it—had gone to the coffers of consultants and lawyers the group leaned on to fight a libel suit, rather than pushing back against the president. Months later, when told by The Daily Beast how the group had spent his money, Siddiqui was, charitably speaking, not pleased.

Seems the Democratic Coalition may be just another crooked non-profit in need of investigation.

via Anti-Trump “Democratic Coalition” Wasted 90% of Donations – The Political Insider


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