Everyone Should Own An AR-15

When you think of a gun crime what’s the first thing that enters your mind? The criminal? The motive? The location? What kind of gun did he use? Do you want to know what I wonder? Where was the good guy with a gun?

We are protected by the 2nd Amendment for a specific reason; to prevent bad people from doing bad things. This right is afforded to all of us, not just a select few. It is not only our right to bear arms, but it is also our civic responsibility to own a weapon. The 2nd Amendment was written to not only allow us to protect ourselves, but to protect others, and if need be, to protect our Nation.

An armed citizenry can be a deterrent to invasion, a deterrent to tyranny, and a  deterrent to crime. Arming yourself puts you on equal or better footing in all but the most extreme circumstances. The ability to protect your property, your family, and yourself is not a Right to be taken lightly. Many countries’ citizens are not afforded this Right. And countries whose leaders long for dictatorial or authoritarian control, diminish or abolish the Right altogether.

Being armed does not increase your risk of death. Yeah, I know. Hard to believe right? With the fake news spouting false statistics and exaggerated claims, it’s hard to know what is truth and what isn’t. The fact is that there is no correlation between gun ownership and increased gun violence or even violence in general. In fact, it turns out to be the opposite in a lot of cases.

This is a “heat map” of gun ownership. The darker the state the more gun owners.

Gun Ownership Heat Map

Gun Ownership Heat Map


This is a “heat map” of gun violence. The darker the state the more gun violence.

Gun Ownership Heat Map

Gun Ownership Heat Map


Odd, isn’t it? The media and the Democrats would lead you to believe that rampant gun ownership leads to rampant crime. The data, however, points in the complete opposite direction. And just in case you think I made these maps myself you can find the links to the originals here and here.


So if having a gun possibly makes you safer, what is the downside? Being armed means you are capable of defending yourself, your home, and your loved ones from an armed intruder. Believe me, just because you don’t have a gun doesn’t mean the criminals don’t have them. And while crime has been on the decline for quite a while now, it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

A study documented by Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz in 1995 aggregated 13 other studies’ data on the defensive use of firearms and found that there are between 760,000 and 3,000,000 defensive uses of firearms each year. No, you’re not seeing things. Those are the numbers. Here are the excerpts from the study:




This is the data that #MSM will tell you isn’t real data. All the “debunking” sites claim that it’s incomplete and more information is needed. I’ll leave this information for you, to decide its accuracy. Here is a link to the full paper. The tables are at the end.

Armed Resistance to Crime_ The Prevalence and Nature of Self-Defe


When your Liberal friends scream in your face about guns and death and saving the children tell them this: Guns save lives. Our Second Amendment is a Right of Americans, bestowed upon us by our Constitution, the document that creates the foundation of our Country. It is a Right that needs to be cherished and used. Our Founding Fathers put the second amendment there for a reason. They understood the hearts of men. Liberals will tell you to look for only the good in people and the World will be a utopia. The Founding Fathers knew better. No matter how civilized you think you are, there are those among you that wish to do you evil. Buy yourself an AR-15.


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