Europeanize America? Not On Your Life

America is a unique country. It’s not as old as many other countries but it does have its own culture. American culture used to be one of tough, rugged, hard-working, the sky’s the limit idealism. Softened over the past few decades we’ve become an anemic version of ourselves. Salvation was delivered to us in 2016 with the election of a take-no-crap President, Donald J. Trump.

…Thanks a lot, Europe, for giving us two world wars, socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism, and for perfecting racism as exemplified by the Holocaust.

You have done so much for the world in the last century. No wonder “progressives” think Americans should be more like you.

Europeans lived for centuries under kings and emperors. They came to believe that power flowed from the top down. So they felt comfortable when their new rulers called themselves Führer, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, the Council of the European Union, or whatever. The idea was similar

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