Once Again, Democrats Look Like Idiots

After watching the full testimony of Ford and Kavanaugh in today’s Senate hearing the only possible conclusion is that the Democrats orchestrated a hit-job on Judge Kavanaugh, and it failed miserably. It was completely apparent that the only thing they wanted was a delay. Not a delay to get to the bottom on any investigation, but enough of a delay to push back the confirmation vote for Judge Kavanaugh. The highlight of the hearing, besides Kavanaugh’s opening statement, came from Senator Graham when he raked the Democrats over the coals for their 11th-hour attempt to sabotage the hearing and create the delay that they so badly wanted.

The Democrats repeatedly attempted to back Kavanaugh into a corner, asking him to ask for an investigation by the FBI to be initiated and to stall the confirmation until it has been concluded. What the Democrats failed to acknowledge is that the Senate has been investigating Judge Kavanaugh for the past couple of weeks, an investigation that the Democrats wanted no part in. Having sat on Ford’s letter and then (most likely) leaking it to the press, they’ve had more than enough time to call for an FBI investigation or to participate in the one conducted by the willing members of the Senate. The problem is they didn’t. The only reason they didn’t is that it would have concluded too soon, resulted in zero evidence, and Kavanaugh would have been confirmed; which is likely to happen.


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