My New Hero: Brett Kavanaugh

The pure emotion of his testimony before the Senate was palpable. Never in my life have I been so emotional just watching a man speak about his life. While the contents of his opening statement were very personal they should be a testament to all those other men that have gone through a similar situation. #Metoo has become a death sentence for good men around the world where one can be tried and convicted over a mean allegation. Anyone that doesn’t like you doesn’t like what you do, or just has a political agenda can ruin your life with just a few words or a letter written to the right person.

Brett Kavanaugh

Accusers aren’t just the only people that are guilty in these situations. The media is equally guilty. Any lede that might get a click or two immediately run as truth in a hit piece directed as a possibly innocent person. How did we get to this as a society? Are we that hungry for emotional, destructive, and vicious content that Hit Pieces have now become a hot commodity? It would appear so. WE, as a collective, have allowed this to happen, if not encouraged it. There needs to be a major shift in our attitudes toward entertainment. A more conservative approach, representing Good and values and morals, needs to be taken by our media outlets. The only way this shift will happen is if WE as a PEOPLE alter what it is we WANT to be engaged by.

Right now there needs to be accountability by us, by media, and by our political system. The Democrats in this situation have possibly taken advantage of not just our media system, the accuser, and Judge Kavanaugh, but also of us. They know what will enter the news cycle and they know what we will consume ravenously, scantly questioning its truth, validity, or its actual quality. We’ve become cannibals of our own innocence. Right and wrong are blurred so that they are no longer distinguishable from each other. The only thing that matters is “Does it sell?.


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