45 Questions You Are Unlikely To Hear Asked Of Christine Blasey Ford | Zero Hedge

With such an important nomination hanging on the line you would imagine the most thorough questions would be asked of both Kavanaugh AND the accusers. But you can rest assured that kid gloves will be used when approaching the “witnesses” by the Republicans AND Democrats. Tough questions need to be asked on BOTH sides of these allegations, but no one wants to look like a bad guy. I’m sorry but with serious allegations should come serious questioning. Of course, the Dems are afraid of revealing the true motives behind the current accusations against Kavanaugh. Motives that everyone already knows but some are afraid to touch on.

1. Dr. Ford, you are a committed liberal, correct?

[“Senator Feinstein’s objection that my question undermines the witness’s credibility is noted and disregarded.”]

2. And it’s true that you wouldn’t want Future Justice Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court because of his conservative judicial philosophy regardless of the alleged incident?

3. Your lawyers are Democrat activists, right?

4. Are they working for free, or do you intend to pay them with the several hundred thousand dollars the various GoFundMe campaigns in your name have raised?

5. You traveled to Hawaii in your work and back east in August. So, when did that “fear of flying” we heard about start and stop?

[“Mr. Chairman, Senator Flake’s winking at the cameras of the liberal media outlets is distracting me. I know he needs a job, but let him suck up to MSNBC on his own time.”]

6. So, Dr. Ford, let’s get to the basics. Exactly what day and time did this incident happen?

7. Exactly where did this incident happen?

8. How many people were in the house at the time?

[“Mr. Chairman, I’ll pause my questioning to let Senator Hirono count the number on her fingers. While she’s trying to work it out, I’m hitting the head.”]

Source: 45 Questions You Are Unlikely To Hear Asked Of Christine Blasey Ford | Zero Hedge


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