How the West was One

Today’s political and social environment would lead one to believe that nothing good has ever come of Western Civilization. The very embodiment of progress in the civilized world, the United States of America, is in turmoil caused by Liberal dissonance. While it cannot be denied that the US has offered more technological, medical, and social advances in the modernized world than nearly any other nation, the very beneficiaries of those advancements and inventions have rioted in its face.

Industrialization has bestowed upon us every modern widget, device, and tool that we commonly use in our everyday lives. The modernization of the medical field has allowed people to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. The rise from poverty has been catapulted into a trajectory that could, in the not so distant future, irradicate poverty in the US altogether. How is it that so many people have begun biting the feeding hand?

The fact that life is easier and more sheltered than ever before perhaps reveals some important clues. Hardships that people experienced not even 100 years ago are non-existent today. Most people do not know what it is to spend 12 hours a day working on a farm or even having to grow or hunt your own food. The complete separation from the products we require to live and the toil required to produce them have lead to a degree of complacency not previously experienced by humans.

The ability to remain on your parent’s insurance until 26 years of age, our insulting educational system that allows bachelors degrees in dance theory, and the constant coddling of our youth by media outlets have created a level of entitlement that is dangerous to our culture. Everyone is special. Everyone is entitled. Everyone should be equal.

Those are lies.

There needs to be an adjustment in the way we interact with the younger generations. They need to understand that things can and will be tough. You have to earn respect. And you can’t have it just because you want it. To live requires work. Work sometimes requires you to do things you really don’t want to do. And sometimes life doesn’t go the way you want (most of the time). Someone in your life is going to call you a name you won’t like. People are going to be rude to you. And just because you like doing something doesn’t mean it will earn you a living.

These are things that need to be established in parental relationships, then reinforced in our education systems. This is not happening. Our parents are over-protective. Our education systems are over-protective. Don’t expose the kids to anything that might upset them: no opposing ideas, no embarrassing history, no differing points of view. We do this for the greater good. Right?

Actually, no.

What we’ve actually done is create bubbles around entire generations of people. Not the fun kind of bubbles you played with as a child, but bubbles of ideas and ways of thinking. And anyone that dares approach them with an opinion or idea that is not congruent with their established ideologies is a Fascist, Nazi, Racist, or a -phobe of some sort. Rejection of their ideas is a rejection of them as a person. It’s a personal attack on their very existence.

America is the land of opposing ideas. We were founded on that very principle. We argue, debate, and discuss, then come to a conclusion on what is best for the Nation as a whole. The system works and has been proven. Does it have flaws? Most certainly. But tearing it down for the sake of just not getting your way is foolish, to say the least.


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