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I follow a certain user on Twitter that posts updates to the Q_Anon saga on a regular basis. I know what you’re thinking. Before you dismiss this as some weird conspiracy theory nonsense please continue reading. I’m not a big believer in the “Q” stuff, but a particular link that was posted lead me on a very strange path that I still am not sure how to process, nor do I know what to do with the information I’ve gathered from it. I’m going to do my best to describe what I found and how I got there.

I was checking out this link to a PDF version of a book by Fritz Springmeier called ‘Bloodlines of Illuminati’. The link to this PDF is:

The book itself wasn’t that interesting to me but the link was. If you’ll notice part of the link mentions “abbottabad-compound”. This was the compound where Osama bin Laden was cornered and killed back on May 2, 2011.

I began chopping off parts of the URL to see if I could find an index page or a raw directory to read in order to figure out why this PDF file was released. After getting to the link:

…things started to get weird. The PDF was listed in a document dump of files found in the Bin Laden raid that were confiscated and declassified for public release. I started going through the indexes that were listed on the page, just to see if anything looked interesting.

These indexes are quite large and list thousands of files so I randomly skimmed through, looking for something that caught my eye, trying to peek into the world of a terrorist I guess. There were cat videos, a lot of what I would call propaganda clips of people praying over rocket launchers for ten minutes, then finally launching it, etc. Just a hap-hazard array of strangeness. But then something caught my eye.


The file was probably recovered from a browser temp folder (I’m just assuming) but it looked interesting. Mainly because of the U.S.’s stance on not negotiating with terrorists. I couldn’t, nor can I today, remember of a time when we negotiated, or even offered to negotiate, with al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, or any terrorist faction. So I opened it.

1322342h42 vbrev23v34v3

Click here to view the whole page.

It looked to me to be more propaganda, probably circulated amongst the “believers” to rally the troops. What I really wanted to know was where this had originated, as in what “news” site it came from, since I’d never heard of such a thing before. So I clicked on an included link and it took me here:


The URL resolved to ““. The server is still up! I thought this was starting to get interesting! There was not a lot of information on the page but at least I had a server to snoop around on. The only problem is that every link I clicked on lead back to the same “article”. It was all a bunch of, what seemed to be, nonsense. Then I chopped off the first part of the URL to get to the root of the server, just to see if there was a welcome page with more info. Here it is.


Go here to see the page yourself.

At first, I thought a gun enthusiast had taken over the domain to run their blog on, and that would be the end of it. But as I read, things started to seem a little off. The articles were in English but they were obviously written by someone whose native language was not English. And as I browsed the archives on the blog, the theme of the articles started to seem odd. There was a lot of information, links to other blogs, sites, regarding obtaining an FFL. An FFL is a Federal Firearms License. These licenses are used by persons that buy and sell firearms, explosives, and things that the average citizen doesn’t have access to.

The blog also contains a lot of, what seems to be, garbage, or filler. Paragraphs that don’t go together, talking about sod and lawn care. The whole site is strange. So strange I started it started to raise some questions. Who registered the domain? When was it last registered? Was it in the U.S. or not? So I checked.


I about blew a gasket! I live in Hallettsville, TX. That is about 40 miles north of Victoria! HOW THE HELL IS THAT POSSIBLE?!

So to sum it up…

Osama bin Laden has a document on his personal devices, filled with al-Qaeda propaganda, that came from a server that is still active, and registered to a person that lives 40 miles away?!

Is this real? The whole site looks suspicious. Many of the people that commented on the posts are foreigners. Why are they interested in an FFL that is only useful in the U.S.? Why am I the one finding this?!?!

This blog post is an insurance payment. I want it on the record, and made public.

Just in case.


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