Countering the Left’s Propoganda

Section 1 – “Keep’em Poor”

  1. No Minimum Wage
    1. Setting the wage lowers the value of the dollar, driving inflation.
    2. Increasing minimum wage encourages employers to get rid of entry-level jobs.
    3. Minimum wage hurts small businesses the hardest.
    4. Minimum wage discourages low-skilled workers from gaining skills needed to succeed.
    5. More information here.
  2. Break the Unions
    1. Not going into a long explanation but you can read about workers opinions of unions here.
  3. Cut Welfare Programs
    1. Welfare was a horrible program implemented to “help” underprivileged families but resulted in a welfare state.
    2. It is an unmanageable debt paid for by working tax-payers unlike social security (also failing) which is an investment by people that do actually work for it.
    3. More info here.
  4. Cut Social Security
    1. Social Security cannot be maintained with the current structure implemented to manage it.
    2. Private investment is a far better way to ensure a retirement fund sufficient enough to maintain an adequate lifestyle after retirement.
    3. More info here.
  5. Deregulation
    1. A very broad subject but here is some info on a portion of Trump’s “deregulation” agenda.
  6. The Dodd-Frank Act
    1. Dodd-Frank was a complete failure. And was recognized as such not long after it was passed. One major component was to end the “too-big-to-fail” aspect of the banking industry (which was completely unsuccessful).
    2. More here.

Section 2 – “Keep’em Sick”

  1. Cut Food Aid
    1. The good ol’ American gov’t system at work.
  2. Repeal Obamacare
    1. Obamacare was an utter disaster (I was one of those recipients of said disaster).
      1. Here are some reasons why.
    2. Most of the people that would supposedly “lose” their coverage are the ones FORCED to buy coverage or pay a penalty for not having it. This portion of the ACA was implemented to keep premiums low, which it did not do anyway.
  3. Cut Disability Benefits
    1. Here’s a link to gain a little information on what the budget actually did.
    2. *NOTE* – If you search Google for information a lot of it will be from 2016 – 2017 and not reflect what the actual budget was. If you’d like to look at the budget yourself then you can go here.
  4. Privatize Veterans’ Healthcare
    1. The VA is a mess. Long waiting times, insufficient care, and “the VHA is not required to release data on quality, safety, patients’ experience, cost-effectiveness, or timeliness”.
      1. Here is an article (it’s from 2015) but gives a good understanding of the state of our Veteran Health Care System.
  5. Cut HIV Prevention Funding
    1. Reductions in AIDS related budget areas are evident in the 2018 budget.
    2. AIDS is not a leading cause of death in the US by any stretch.
    3. Money is still there for research, prevention, and care.

Section 3 – “Keep’em Stupid”

  1. Deny Science
    1. A very broad category so I’ll do a little science “denial” myself that may be pertinent
      1. Climate Change
        1. This article sums it up.
        2. And for you “go-greeners”: Germany’s Monumental Environmental Fail: CO2 Emissions Rise Despite €Trillions Blown on Subsidised Wind & Solar
      2. Vaccines
        1. This.
      3. If anyone can think of another “denial” I’ll gladly investigate it.
  2. Revise History
    1. Civil War and Andrew Jackson
      1. This article covers his comments.
    2. Trump Father’s Arrest
      1. Trump denied his father’s involvement with the KKK march in the 1920’s but many, many, and I mean MANY websites will try to link Fred Trump to the KKK but he was actually let go as being an innocent bystander caught up in the arrests. Here is a little info on one salacious attempt at making it look more malicious than it was.
    3. Weekly Earnings Going Up For the First Time
      1. Except for 2015, it was true.
  3. Categorize, Demonize, Terrorize
    1. Not sure how to approach this but there are innumerable instances of this happening on the Left.
      1. Antifa, BLM, White Privilege, Theybies, identity politics, mansplaining, etc, etc.
      2. Shutting down opinions or ideas if they don’t align to their ideology.
      3. Perpetrating violence towards those that don’t agree. Here. Here. And everywhere.
  4. Cut Pre-School
    1. Head Start was an absolute failure as sited here.
    2. As a general rule, Federal involvement in the K-12 education system has been an abysmal failure as seen in the quality of education of its student. Here is an article with some data.
  5. Cut to Higher Education
    1. The only cuts I can find are outdated systems that were supposed to be replaced such as the SEOG.
    2. More information on the budget here. The changes are fairly underwhelming.
  6. Cut Sex Education
    1. This is actually a cut to funding sex education provided by Planned Parenthood (which has been shown to promote abortion more than any other forms of birth control because that’s how they make their money) and put it into abstinence programs. Which is a way better form of “sex education”.
  7. NO to Net Neutrality
    1. Correct
    2. A long read but if you really want to know why Net Neutrality is bad you can look here.

Section 4 – “Control the Women”

  1. Vote NO to Equal Pay
    1. The fallacy that has been spread far and wide across the internet about women and men not being paid equally has been debunked so many time I could fill 10 paged with reference sources.
    2. Here are a few if you care to look:
      1. Nice quote from this article:
        1. “And as economists frequently remind us, if it were really true that an employer could get away with paying Jill less than Jack for the same work, clever entrepreneurs would fire all their male employees, replace them with females, and enjoy a huge market advantage.”
      2. Another quote from this article:
        1. “The data is clear that for the same work men and women are paid roughly the same. The media need to look beyond the claims of feminist organizations.”
      3. A quote from this article:
        1. “Rather than pitting men and women against each other and using simplistic numbers to suggest that women are victims, we ought to acknowledge these differences and embrace the choices we make.”
    3. I could go on indefinitely but I won’t.
  2. Cut Wages for Tipped Workers
    1. Just an aside: Not all tipped workers are men…
    2. Found a few things on this
      1. Spreading tip among all restaurant staff.
        1. I’ve worked in the food industry.
          1. Everyone in the place is responsible for the quality of service a patron receives.
          2. If any of the workers perform poorly the patron suffers.
          3. If the workers perform well the patron benefits.
          4. The cooks (which are not tipped) are usually the most responsible the overall experience of the patron.
          5. The person that refills your water one time does not deserve 100% of the tip left.
          6. If a waitress/waiter does not make enough money in tips to equal minimum wage then the employer is required to make up the difference. Those that don’t are breaking the law.
          7. Regarding these ideas I found:
            1. This article
            2. This article
  3. NO to Affordable Childcare
    1. Opinion:
      1. Childcare is the responsibility of the parent. Not the federal government.
      2. If you are not available to your child before or after school, make an arrangement with a childcare facility or a relative.
      3. I’ve been low-income and have had to do these things.
        1. No, they were not “devastating” to me.
        2. No, they were not “convenient” to me.
        3. Yes, I am responsible for my children’s wellbeing.
    2. That being said there is still gov’t support for those in need:
    3. The budget for child wellness has not been lowered in recent budgets
      1. Link here
  4. Pro-Life = NO Choice NO Exceptions
    1. An article covering conservative ideas on abortion.
    2. Personal Opinion
      1. Abortion is murder
        1. Watch this.
      2. Are there exceptions to an anti-abortion stance? Yes.
      3. Do the exceptions get to determine the rule? No.
    3. After researching for a while the vast majority of Republican opinions on the subject admit there are exceptions, and each case should be examined independently.
  5. Close Down Planned Parenthood
    1. Yes
    2. Personal Observation
      1. Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory that also (only on a smaller scale) offers contraception and women’s health assistance.
    3. An article (while right-leaning) that describes Planned Parenthood practices.
    4. An interesting interaction involving Planned Parenthood.
    5. Another look into the workings of Planned Parenthood
  6. Anti-Contraception
    1. Not anti-contraception but anti-taxpayer-having-to-pay-for-everyone’s-contraception-so-they-can-have-it-for-free.
    2. First Off
      1. You can buy the “pill” for about $20 a month without insurance
      2. Condoms are about a buck each (without insurance…)
      3. Abstinence is free
      4. The gov’t should not have to pay for your sex life preferences.
  7. Redefine Rape
    1. As so far as I can find the definition of rape hasn’t been changing nor has there been an attempt to change it, but the language in a bill (from 2011?) put forth by Republicans initially used the term “forcible rape” but was later changed. The other attack on the bill was non-coverage for statutory rape which under previous legislation was not covered anyway.
  8. Personhood Amendments
    1. This relates to #16
    2. These pushes have mainly been at the state level.
    3. Whether they pass or fail is dependent on the makeup of the state’s constituents.
      1. If the law passes then obviously it’s supported by the majority.
      2. That’s how Democracy works.
    4. “Personhood” on a Federal level has been put forth by independent organizations and has failed to become a law or an amendment.
    5. I can find no other information on “Personhood” entering the realm of Federal law.
  9. Feticide Laws
    1. If referring to SB 203…
      1. “A Senate committee Tuesday passed a bill that would allow prosecutors to charge a person who kills a pregnant woman for the death of her fetus after amending the bill to make it clear it would not apply to women who end their pregnancies legally.”
    2. In Indiana
      1. “Gov. Eric Holcomb signed into law in March 2018 legislation that allows charges of murder and manslaughter to be filed when a crime results in the death of a fetus “in any stage of development.” Except for certain exceptions, a person who commits a felony that causes the death of a fetus may receive an additional sentence of six to 20 years.

        Women’s rights groups feared women who miscarry or have an abortion could be prosecuted under the law. But the bill’s author, Sen. Aaron Freeman, R-Indianapolis, said it doesn’t apply to legally performed abortions or women seeking them.”

    3. More examples from many other states that I won’t bother to link.
  10. Criminalize Miscarriage
    1. This is criminal charges if you intentionally do something that causes a fetus to miscarriage unnaturally.
      1. Case of Utah
        1. “The bill passed by legislators amends Utah’s criminal statute to allow the state to charge a woman with criminal homicide for inducing a miscarriage or obtaining an illegal abortion. The basis for the law was a recent case in which a 17-year-old girl, who was seven months pregnant, paid a man $150 to beat her in an attempt to cause a miscarriage.”
        2. A link to an article describing the incident.
    2. Opinion
      1. This should be classified as murder or attempted murder.
      2. A fetus at twelve weeks this was documented. Watch it if you don’t think fetuses feel pain.
  11. Doctor Mandated Reporting of Miscarriages and Abortions to the State
    1. There have been abortion reporting records dating back to 1978 (that I can find). Apparently reporting abortions to the state isn’t new.
    2. Miscarriage Reporting
      1. There was a supposed attempt to attach an amendment to Kansas HB 2613 to mandate the reporting of miscarriages but the bill died.
      2. Oklahoma law changed the reporting age of the fetus from 20 weeks to 12+ weeks.
      3. Arkansas has a similar law requiring reporting after 12 weeks.
      4. All states require stillbirth (miscarriages included) after 20 weeks.
      5. Reasons for acquiring data:
        1. This article
        2. This article
      6. Then you have articles like this that claim a bill in Utah will make miscarriages homicides. You can read the bill here for yourself. It will illustrate the hyperbolic rhetoric of the article.
  12. Mandatory Transvaginal Ultrasounds
    1. As much as I could find in a few hours of looking, no state specifically requires a mandatory transvaginal ultrasound. There is the implication that one would be required if the fetus is twelve weeks or younger in some circumstances.
  13. Roll Back Maternity Coverage
    1. If you want information on healthcare coverage read this. Maternity Coverage is in there.
  14. Omit Protections in the Violence Against Women Act
    1. The VAWA is flawed and in a lot of circumstances hasn’t produced results it desired. A revision of the law needs to take place and Republicans are trying to address it.
    2. Here is an article detailing some of the problems.
  15. Blame Single Moms for Poverty, Welfare Fraud, Breeding Criminals, and Destroying the Fabric of America
    1. Wow, that is a long one.
    2. I’ll sum it up:
      1. Single motherhood is a problem in America
      2. As it stands we have a system in place that rewards mothers for being single.
      3. A child needs both parents present to develop properly.
    3. The majority of the problem isn’t the mothers. It’s the systems put in place that promote single-parent households and relegates them to a lifetime of government dependence. Is this always the case? No. Does it happen too often? Yes.

Section 5 – “In Closing”

  1. Make of this Document What You Will
    1. Too often information is represented in a facetious manner.
    2. Distributed information rarely receives any scrutiny.
    3. Don’t believe everything you see.
    4. Understand that just because you have an opinion, not everyone shares it.
    5. Sorry if I made any typos.



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