The Bipartisan Attack

A new kid registers at your school. He’s a little different, has beguiling charm, and is instantly very popular. The problem is that his popularity is quite a bit different than the resident cool kids’. Athletes, goths, head-bangers, and kickers who were the recipients of admiration and worship begin to take notice and lose a few of their previously faithful followers. The new kid begins to siphon the popularity of the now-deposed “leaders” of the school. Something must be done.

At first, the individual groups attack the new kid with slurs, lies, and threats. They do their best to bash the new kid’s popularity and ideas, to maintain their previously indomitable hold on the students’ adoration. The new kid is resilient; he sees the insults, the threats, and the lies as a feeble attempt to diminish his character and dissolve the hold he has on the students’ attention.

The new kid is not only popular but helps the students, volunteers his time and abilities to those in need. He tutors those that are struggling with their studies. He speaks his mind and stands his ground. He’s caring and understanding. The students appreciate him for who he is, and what he stands for. He cares for his school and wants to make it better and more productive. He offers hope that didn’t exist with the previously ruling popular parties.

After the repeated failure, the groups once segregated cliques, begin to join forces. The attacks on the new kid magnify to a level unattainable by any of the individual groups. Attempts to dethrone the new kid are constant and at the same time laughable. The idea of losing power sends the mobs into a frenzy of personal attacks and investigations. They search for weakness in his character, mistakes in his life, chinks in his armor but nothing sways the devotion of his newfound adherents.

While the war wages, the once popular and worshiped cool kids begin to show their true selves. The selfish and harmful behavior appears. The veneer of coolness cracks and the students begin to see them for who they are; predators. The fight between the new kid and the deposed continues. The winner of this war could determine the quality of the whole school. Are the students to be ruled by predators or a liberator? Time will tell.

The “actors” in this play are well known to you. While you may not know them personally, you have seen them; in the media, on the internet, and in print. The current struggle within our own government (the school), between the established leaders (the old cool kids) and the new kid (Trump), is a war. A war where the citizens are the resource for which the battle is fought. The establishment wants slaves, followers that listen but do not think, denizens with a hollow existence of obedience. Trump offers freedom. The freedom to become who you want, accomplish your dreams, and protect your very existence from internal and external harm. Now all you have to do is choose a side.




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