An Army of One

Sometimes it feels as if there is no purpose of existence. Sometimes it feels like you can not affect any of the wrongs of the world. The world exists with or without you. You mean nothing.

Thoughts like these aren’t uncommon. I’ve felt this way before and I’m sure I will again. But remember one thing: many great movements were started by one individual. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one man. One man with the desire and constitution to not only propose change, but to rally people and make the government take notice. While everyone may not be a MLK, you can be you own effector of change.

With today’s internet, finding an audience is a little easier than it was 60 years ago. With all the social media outlets, message boards, and chat rooms, you can spread a message and rally others to join your cause. You can make people take notice and be heard. Use that voice to find other like-minded people, use your message to sway opinion, capitalize on what is the greatest transmitter of information ever created. The internet can be your voice.


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