Social Justice

When to be Ashamed

With today’s ultra-sensitive culture, when exactly is it ok to feel ashamed? Why do people feel that they should be immune to shame? I have news for you: when you suffer from a negative condition that is completely under your control you should be ashamed!

Society would lead you to believe that no matter the cause of your suffering, you are a victim. And being a victim relieves you of any and all responsibility for your horrible decisions. Feeling fat-shamed? Are you fat? Are you eating donuts by the fist-full? Guess what: you should feel ashamed. It’s not the world’s responsibility to tread lightly on your feelings or praise you for failure.


When smoking, overeating, and a whole plethora of activities are KNOWN to cause health problems maybe people SHOULD feel more ashamed. If you want people to stop pointing out your poor choice making skills then stop making poor choices.


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