Warriors of the Right

Steven Crowder: Our Savior

Steven Crowder is becoming a household name on campuses across America by way of his “Change My Mind” segments. As the far Left rallies around the anti American views of various liberal groups, and we are inundated with their politics on main stream media, Steven Crowder is becoming the light at the end of the tunnel of logic and equality.

From the Second Amendment to abortion, Mr. Crowder takes the discussion to the people. Appearing on colleges campuses across the U.S. he invites those with differing opinions to change his mind by opening a dialog with those willing. In today’s partisan and galvanized political landscape this is somewhat of an anomaly, but should be seen as an example how humans are supposed to hash out their differences.

With a bit of enlightenment, and a healthy dose of humor, Mr. Crowder often exposes the ignorance of the Left-leaners on a variety of subjects.


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