Our 2nd Amendment is Under Attack

As violence has become a political weapon used to attack our constitutional freedoms as US citizens, social media and MSM have declared war on those who oppose their political opinions. Disagreeing is no longer acceptable in America. Supporting the 2nd Amendment now means you hate children, advocate violence, and have a general disdain for your fellow Americans. Regardless of statistics, the Left has taken a stance on policies that would not only deprive Americans of the ability to defend themselves but deem you morally inferior if you even so much as disagree.

The dollars wasted attacking American freedoms could surely be used to do some real good in America, but doing good isn’t the Left’s agenda. The Left wants to disarm America so that there can be no resistance. They want complete and utter control over the population.

The latest attack is on the so-called “assault weapon”. The definition of which is unclear at best. The Left cannot seem to even agree on what one is. All they “know” is that they’re bad and are apparently the current biggest threat to Americans’ safety, while statistically, we know this is not nearly the case. Unfortunately, in the world we live in the greatest perceived dangers are those that get the most media attention.


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